Sue Sharp


Offering the unique and often whimsical tee-shirts (Wearable Art) and merchandise (Art for Everyday) is the brainchild of Sue Sharp. Voice artist, composer, and author, her voice work is featured on Audible books , and various other professional projects. Her compositions and meditations can be heard on the links in our Art for the Soul page.  Her poetry, songs and stories can be found on our Art in Motion page under  Flying Horse Music.

If you happen to teach strings, her works can be ordered from JW





Iris Sharp


Iris Sharp has created the stunning artwork for our tee shirts and various merchandise. She is the lead singer on the Flying Horse Music recordings and has performed on stage both in Los Angeles and New York.   In addition, check out her excellent podcast “Castable”.



Thom Sharp


Thom Sharp is an  Emmy-winning composer and sought-after educator.  He has contributed artwork, songwriting and orchestrations on Flying Horse Music. He also has over 80  publications for orchestras and bands that can be found on JWPEPPER.COM